Pizza Bag 2-3 boxes  35cm
Pizza Bag 2-3 boxes  45cm
Pizza Bag 2-3 boxes  50cm
Pizza Bag 2-3 boxes  60cm
Pizza Bag 4-5 boxes 35cm
Pizza Bag 4-5 boxes 45cm
Pizza Bag 4-5 boxes 50cm
Pizza Bag 4-5 boxes 60cm
Pizza Bag 7-8 boxes 35cm
Pizza Bag 14 boxes 35cm
Pizzabag Standard 4 boxes
Frames Intern
Lunchbox catering type 6
Lunchbox catering type 4
Lunchbox catering type 12
Getränken Tasche 9 liter
Hamburger Bag 35 x 35 x 35cm
Hamburger Bag 47 x 47 x 47cm
Backpack Pizza 4-5 boxes 35cm
Backpack Lunches

The heated Version:

The Digisellers system of thermo insulated delivery cases not only save time and money but help insure customer satisfaction.

Take time and consider how this high quality and functional product will not only help insure quality service but assist your restaurant and delivery staff plan and execute more effectively.

A full range of sizes are available.
Heating Power: 170W. Power source: 12 Volt